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Provincial Championships
presented by Eastlink

A tournament for
all Nova Scotians!

Our Provincial Championships presented by Eastlink is an opportunity for teams from U12 to U18 to play in a competitive tournament against teams from all around Nova Scotia. The tournament is open to Basketball Nova Scotia affiliate clubs and is participation based, so there is a competitive level for everyone.


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Dear Host site,

On behalf of Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS), thank you for applying to host one of our Provincial Championships. Volunteers are the backbone of the sport system in Nova Scotia and across the country. The efforts of our volunteers create countless memorable experiences for our athletes, coaches and officials.

To help facilitate a successful event we have provided you with the attached reference guide. The guide will assist in clarifying your role as host and the role of BNS. We feel that this document will provide you with the necessary answers needed to execute one of our events. 

We hope this document is helpful, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Yours in Sport,

Katherine Brien

Executive Director

Basketball Nova Scotia

(902) 425-5450 ext 348

Clubs/Associations hosted as opposed to specific teams. Clubs/Associations who applied to host agreed to do so regardless of seeding. Please click the online 2020 PROVINCIALS HOSTING APPLICATION FORM. All applications must be completed and submitted no later than END OF DAY, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 2019.

Provincial Tournament Roles and Responsibilities

This guide has been prepared by Basketball Nova Scotia to ensure consistency in how Provincial Championship Tournaments are operated and to provide clarity on the Roles and Responsibilities of BNS and the Host in managing a quality event.

After reading, should any questions arise that are not adequately covered by this guide, contact the Basketball Nova Scotia office at 902 425-5450 ext 351 or email

NOTE – Our goal is to provide quality experiences for our players, coaches, officials, and parents.

Rules of Play

Rules:10 3:20 minute run time shifts, with equal play required. A team must have used a minimum of six (6) players to complete an official game, four (4) of whom must be present to start the game. Six (6) players must be available by the fifth shift. In the event of a default due to a shortage of players within the BNS’s standards (six (6) players by the start of play in the fifth shift), the game shall still be officiated (MABO agreement). Half-time will be 2 minutes when and where possible. Half-time may be shortened if the game is running behind schedule.

Shot Clock: The shot clock in BNS games will be of 30 seconds duration. The referees will count manually if a shot clock is not available.

Back Court Possession: A team will be permitted to have possession of the ball in their back court for 10 seconds prior to crossing midcourt.

Time Outs: Each team shall be permitted a total of 2 time outs, 1 of which may be taken in the first half and the other may be taken in the second half.

4 on 4 Play: In all levels of U10 Jr. Mini Jamboree play shall be 4 on 4.

No Scores Displayed: Scores are not kept during any of the games. The focus is fun and development, and not competition.

Equal Play: In all levels of U10 Developmental Jamboree, no one player shall play more than a one shift difference than any other team mate.

Basket Height: The baskets shall be set so that the rim is at a height of 8 feet 6 inches.

No 3 Point Baskets: All successful attempts at a basket, with the exception of free throws, shall be awarded 2 points. There shall be no 3 point shots in U10 Jr. Mini Jamboree.

No Full Court Defense: After a made basket, or dead ball in the front court, the team now going on defense must retreat back to the 3 point line area in their own back court until the opposing team crosses half court. In the case where the court has no 3 point line, the top of the key area should be used.

Person to Person Defense: Defense must be person to person. Zone defenses of any kind are not permitted.

No Double Teaming: Double teaming is not permitted. Help defense is permitted but not in a sustained manner such as a trap. When an offensive player has beaten their defender, another defender may step in to help momentarily, but then must immediately return to guard their own offensive player or switch players to return to man to man.

Penalty for Illegal Defenses: If in the view of the referee there is intent to play a zone defense or double team, the following penalties shall be assessed:
• First offence – a warning will be given to the Coach
• Second & subsequent offences – one shot and possession of the ball at the point of interruption.

Age Requirements: The term “current season” shall be defined as the normal period of operation for the basketball season extending from September 1st August 31st. To be eligible to play in Under 10 Developmental, a player must not have reached the age of 10 prior to January 1st of the current season.

No Screening: Screening of any kind is NOT permitted (including ball screens, area screens, and dribble weaves/handoffs). If there is a screen set, legal or not, and there is contact it will be called a foul. If there is a screen set, legal or not, and there is no contact it will result in a turnover.

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