COVID-19 Update

December 16th Update

Update related to COVID-19/Coronavirus and Basketball Nova Scotia Programming.

On December 16th, the Provincial Government announced updated Public Health regulations.  As the regulations relate to sport, effective December 21, sports will be able to practice/train with groups of up to 25 without social distancing. The number of 25 would include all participants in the sporting activity, (coaches, trainers, etc.), as is consistent with all previous regulations. Games, competition, and events are not permitted, so all teams/training groups would be consistent with their own personnel.

It’s important to note that these new regulations will apply to the entire Province, so games, events, and competitions that were previously taking place in some zones of the Province will not be permissible under the new regulations.

These regulations will be in effect until January 11, 2021. 

Basketball administrators & coaches are still required to use the documents below or their own legal documents before they can resume play:

For editable word documents of the above samples, please email BNS Executive Director, Katherine Brien:

Thank you and stay safe. 

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