Policies & procedures to create positive basketball environments

Basketball Nova Scotia has developed the following policies and procedures with the goal of providing an inclusive and respectful sport and work environment for all involved. We are committed to creating and regularly reviewing the policies and procedures required as per the Sport Recognition Policy, administered by the Nova Scotia Government’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. 

All policies and procedures are displayed below in alphabetical order. Click on each blue tile to view the policy both as a webpage and as a downloadable .pdf.

Our appeal policy applies to Basketball Nova Scotia Members and affiliates to help guide the process of an official appeal to one of our policies or procedures.

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No one should experience bullying or harassment during any basketball event. This policy outlines what we define as bullying and harassment and how to fix it.

A set of rules established by Basketball Nova Scotia which guide the operations of the organization and its membership.

Basketball Nova Scotia is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all athletes by ensuring coaches have proper background checks and coach education.

Individuals are expected to demonstrate behaviour consistent with the values of BNS during the course of BNS business, activities and events. 

To increase education and awareness on the signs and symptoms of concussion and the specific protocols for managing concussions in BNS sanctioned activities. 

To ensure that all Directors, Committee Members and Employees of Basketball Nova Scotia maintain confidentiality with respect to Confidential Information pertaining to BNS’s operations. 

The Association is committed to providing an environment in which all Individuals involved with the Association are treated fairly and with respect. 

The Sanctioning Policy establishes and enforces proper and inclusive standards through effective governance to ensure all basketball event participants are competing in safe environments with proper insurance coverages to protect vulnerable persons. 

Intended to guarantee equal & accessible opportunities and a working environment free of discrimination to all BNS employees and members.

BNS is committed to providing a sport and work environment which promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. 

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This policy is intended to prevent all types of abuse at Basketball Nova Scotia sanctioned events and programs.

In the course of administering BNS programming, personal information may be collected. This policy outlines how this information is collected, used, protected and disclosed.

Outlining the procedures and decision making process for Basketball Nova Scotia’s Provincial Team Selections.

This policy outlines the conditions required to be met for issuing refunds of any monies paid to Basketball Nova Scotia.

The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are open, observable, and justifiable. Its purpose is to protect participants (especially minors) and coaches in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring more than one adult is present. There may be exceptions in emergency situations. 

This policy provides guidance for Basketball Nova Scotia employees, contractors, volunteers and team members and coaches who contribute or reply to posts on social media.

A set of Standardized Violations for Basketball Nova Scotia Sanctioned events.

Our trans inclusion policy ensures programs are safe spaces for trans athletes.

Our weather policy outlines our communication plan and decision making around our Provincial Championships.

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