In the case of weather uncertainty, the following protocol will come into effect: Basketball Nova Scotia will suspend provincial championships if the facilities involved in these competitions are closed by their School Board/Board of Directors/Management. No games/events may proceed if the facilities involved are closed by their local governing body. Basketball Nova Scotia will suspend provincial championships if weather uncertainty indicates potential for unsafe driving conditions on the required day of travel for teams. In the event of poor weather, Basketball Nova Scotia staff will contact each host immediately (either the night before or morning of planned travel) and will work with the host to contact all teams by both e-mail and phone. In the event of the cancellation or postponement of any or all games of a provincial championship tournament, Basketball Nova Scotia will work in conjunction with all teams involved and the tournament host to prepare an alternate schedule. This schedule would come into effect if games and/or the event is postponed. This may consist of an abbreviated schedule, should the event be able to be played on the second day of the originally scheduled weekend. If this is not a reasonable or safe alternative, then the event and or games within the event shall be postponed and rescheduled at a date(s) and location(s) to be determined by Basketball Nova Scotia. 

*Games postponed due to weather will not be rescheduled within the metro region due to facility booking restrictions. Hosts outside metro will be required to present their plan for approval by BNS.

Internal Procedure
Divide host locations and allocate sites to each staff person. Each staff is to contact the host and discuss weather by 6:30 AM.
Contact Officials Assignor for that region via email prior to 7:00 AM if a schedule change is required.

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