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  1. Prince Andrew High School in Search of Varsity Boys’ Basketball Head Coach
  2. Welcome Nick Sharpe, Executive Director
  3. Welcome Katherine Khorovets, Basketball Events Coordinator
  4. Welcome Colter Simmonds, Technical Director
  5. Welcome Emma Duinker, Operations Manager

2021 / 22
Club Affiliation Registration Form

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Nova Scotia!

Thank you for choosing to be an affiliate club of Basketball Nova Scotia. We are continually working towards creating a positive basketball experience for everyone involved through our affiliate program.

A full list of benefits is available under Club Affiliation Benefits.

Please complete the form below as STEP 1 of your Club Affiliation Registration.

*NOTE: NEW BNS affiliate clubs are not automatically accepted as new affiliates. You will need to be contacted and vetted by BNS’ Executive Director. There are lots of amazing clubs that already operate in our province and our goal is to work together within our communities to have one club that represents that community.

The form below requires you to pay your affiliate fee. If you are not an accepted club, you will be refunded your fee within 4-6 weeks. Thank you.

2021/22 Club Affiliation Registration

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For updates on registration open and close:

    Join us in welcoming Nick Sharpe to Basketball NS as our new Executive Director!

    Nick will assume his duties with BNS on November 1, 2021.

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    We’ve released our COVID-19 vaccination policy.

    Check out our site for all the details:

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