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2021-22 Member Clubs

Join us to be part of creating
positive basketball environments

2021 – 22

If you want to be a part of Nova Scotia basketball or it’s your first time participating, join a community club!

  1. Confirm the region of the province you are located using the map below.
  2. Find that list of clubs under that region.
  3. Contact the Club President or visit the Club’s website or Facebook page to learn more about their programs and get playing!

Central Region

President/Key Contact

Ryan White
Robin Veinotte
Mike Moores
Chris Burke
Jaimi Baker
Jim Gannon
Chris Cameron
Trina Stevens
Cher Smith
Morgan Knickle-Smith
Corvell Beals
Sandie Hebb
Ramil Aquino
Bradley MacRae
Tabatha Dale
Andrea Johnston


Northern/Fundy Region

Tim Bachiu
Paul MacIssac
Mike Ortiz
Paul Preiss
Thomas Skabar
Andy Doucette
Nicki Murphy
Kevin Jones

Valley Region

Acadia Minor Basketball
Hansport Minor Basketball Association
Kentville Men’s Basketball
Shooting Star Basketball
Valley Spartans Basketball
Jeff Hanshaw
Bandon MacInnis
Lawrence Lake
Tim Bachiu
Nick Veinot

South Shore Region

Queen’s County Basketball Association
Shelburne County Basketball Association
South Shore Lightening Basketball Association
South Shore Surf Minor Basketball
Yarmouth County Minor Basketball
Gerry Faber
Danyelle Rapp
Mustapha Maynard
Corey Lohnes
Vance Rodney

Highlands Region

Antigonish Minor Basketball Association (AMBA)
Pictou County Raptors Basketball Association
Maria Fraser
Maureen MacDonald

Cape Breton Region

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