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  1. Prince Andrew High School in Search of Varsity Boys’ Basketball Head Coach
  2. Welcome Nick Sharpe, Executive Director
  3. Welcome Katherine Khorovets, Basketball Events Coordinator
  4. Welcome Colter Simmonds, Technical Director
  5. Welcome Emma Duinker, Operations Manager

2021 / 22
Club Affiliation Registration

The biggest club in
Nova Scotia!

Thank you for choosing to be an affiliate club of Basketball Nova Scotia. We are continually working towards creating a positive basketball experience for everyone involved through our affiliate program.

Your affiliation comes with a wide range of benefits, including access to funding and insurance. Click the link below to:

Club Presidents, follow the steps below to affiliate your club with Basketball Nova Scotia.

Club Registration
Club Affiliation Fee Payment

All clubs start by paying an affiliation fee for their club. This fee covers their coaches & board of directors.

Refer to the Club Affiliation Fee Breakdown below to see how much you will owe for your club.

Payment is completed via PayPal at the end of the registration form.

Athlete/Coach Information Import

Once Step 1 & 2 have been completed, the Main Contact listed will receive a link to a google excel document to complete your Athlete, Coach & Administrators/Volunteers Affiliation List.

Your athletes and coaches will not be covered by insurance unless they are listed in your Club Import file. This is also where you can provide BNS will all necessary documentation for your coach’s that’s required as part of our Coach Screening Policy.

This link will be unique to your group and can be updated throughout the year if new additions/changes need to be made.

Athlete Fee Payment

Once you have competed your athlete import, you will be invoiced, via BNS, for the total number of athletes registered.

Minor Clubs Athlete Fee: $25.00 per athletes

Adult Clubs Athlete Fee: $10.00 per athlete

*Note: your coaches are covered as part of your Club Affiliation fee

All payments can be made via: PayPal, E-transfer, cheque or cash. Payment details will be outlined in your invoice.

Club Affiliation Fee Breakdown
Total Number of Registered AthletesClub Affiliation Fee
0 – 100$100
101 – 250$250
251 – 500$500


*NOTE: Contracting COVID-19 from a basketball related activity is NOT covered in your Basketball Nova Scotia insurance.

For additional information on this note, please contact our insurance broker:

Colin Brien
Partner, Jacobi Brien Insurance

For information on limits or breakdown information for any of the below coverages, please contact the BNS Executive Director –

The insurance breakdown as it relates to your affiliation is as follows:


  • Athlete Accident Insurance


  • Club Liability Insurance
  • Coaches Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Errors & Omissions insurance will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of a “wrongful act”. A “wrongful act” means:

  1. Any actual or alleged error, misstatement, or misleading statement made by an insured;
  2. Any actual or alleged act, omission, neglect or breach of duty by an insured. Examples are: A coach suing to be reinstated Acts beyond granted authority Causing the association to incur unnecessary tax liabilities Misuse of funds If a person sues the Board for an actual or alleged act, this section responds.

    Join us in welcoming Nick Sharpe to Basketball NS as our new Executive Director!

    Nick will assume his duties with BNS on November 1, 2021.

    Read more:

    We’ve released our COVID-19 vaccination policy.

    Check out our site for all the details:

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