Our Nova Scotia
Basketball Family

Our alumni are a part of our history and our story. We are forever thankful for the people who have worn a Nova Scotia jersey.

Team Scotia Graduating Class 2021

Team Scotia 2020 Graduates Complete First Year

Pictured above are some of the Team Scotia graduates from 2020 who have just completed their first year playing post-secondary basketball. While many players were not able to participate in typical seasons due to the pandemic, we hope they all had a successful first year regardless, and wish them the best in the rest of their basketball careers and beyond!

Our Alumni Legacy

Abbey DuinkerAcadia University (AUS)
Abbie FoxAcadia University (AUS)
Abby MillerMount Allison University (ACAA)
Ainsley MacIntyreDalhousie University (AUS) / Regina University (Can West)
Aiyanna EmpringhamSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Alex CarsonDalhousie University (AUS)
Alex LeggeDalhousie University (AUS)
Alexandra MacLeanSaint Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Alex McKennaMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Alex MuiseUniversity of Ottawa (OUA)
Alfred BurgessonSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Alise BrownSaint Mary’s University (AUS) / Acadia University (AUS)
Aliyah FraserSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Allie Berry Acadia University (AUS) / Germany
Allie SmyeSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Allison KeoughCape Breton University (AUS) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Alyson FultonAcadia University (AUS)
Amber AndrewsAcadia University (AUS)
Andrew MilnerUniversity of Calgary (Can West)
Andrew ScottAcadia University (AUS)
Angelina CarveySaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Anita QuillanSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Anna Von MaltzenDalhousie University (AUS)
Anne KiberdDalhousie University (AUS) / Saint Francis Xavier University (AUS) / University of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Antonio KostakosHolland College (ACAA)
April ScottDalhousie University (AUS)
Ariel ProvoDalhousie University (AUS)
Ashleigh MarshallUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Augy JonesSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Baelie CampbellBrock University (OUA)
Becky MillerMount Allison University (ACAA)
Ben StevensWilfrid Laurier University (OUA)
Ben WestUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Brendan BalcomUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Brett DickieAcadia University (AUS)
Brianna GottschallSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Brianna StrattonUniversity of Calgary (Can West) / Dalhousie University (AUS
Briar MacDonaldSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Brinly HoltDalhousie University (AUS)
Caitlin UlrichCape Breton University (AUS)
Caleb JohnsonWilliston State College (NJCAA)
Campbell ColpittsUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Carly ClarkeBishops University (RSEQ) / CANADA BASKETBALL COACH
Carly MacDonaldAcadia University (AUS)
Carol RosenthalDalhousie University (AUS)
Chandler DavisMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Chanel SmithAcadia University (AUS)
Charles IkejaniAcadia University (AUS)
Chase TynesUniversity of Ottawa (OUA)
Chelsea ProvoSaint Francis Xavier University (AUS) 
Chloe WilsonDalhousie University
Chris FitzgeraldWestern University (OUA)
Clara GascoigneSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Conor ForanDalhousie University (AUS)
Connor KeefeQueen’s University (OUA)
Courtney Cain-NordinSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Courtney SmithMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Dakelle BrooksUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Daneesha ProvoClemson (NCAA D1) / Utah (NCAA D1) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Darcy ZinckLakehead University (OUA) / University of Prince Edward Island (AUS) / Holland College (ACAA)
Dave BurnsCape Breton University (AUS)
David BrownUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Davonte ProvoSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Dawson BungaySt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Demeric MercerHolland College (ACAA)
Des OakleyMount Royal University (Can West) / Holland College (ACAA)
Dondre ReddickSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Dre MedicraftDalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (ACAA)
Drew JacklinSaint Mary’s University (AUS) / Mount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Drew StrattonDalhousie University (AUS) / Overseas
Dylan LandryAcadia University (AUS)
Eli KrausharAcadia University (AUS)
Elizabeth Beals (Iseyemi)Acadia University (AUS)
Ellen HattAcadia University (AUS)
Elsa JohnstonMount Allison University (ACAA)
Emily HoltDalhousie University (AUS)
Emma DuinkerAcadia University (AUS)
Emma GaragonUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Ethan Marshall-HarrisUniversity of Waterloo (OUA)
Euan BrydieQueen’s University (OUA)
Gage SabeanUniversity of Ottawa (OUA)
Grant MacDonaldAcadia University (AUS)
Greg ManuelMemorial University (AUS)
Haley McDonaldAcadia University (AUS)
Hannah BrownCape Breton University (AUS)
Hannah FullerAcadia University (AUS)
Hayley Fox Saint Mary’s University (AUS)
Hilary WoodsideBrock University (OUA)
Hillary SheaMount Allison University (ACAA)
Isaac ClarkeMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Isaiah ThomasSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Jace ColleyHolland College (ACAA) / Chicago State (NCAA)
Jack CampbellAcadia University (AUS)
Jack PittmanSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Jacob SheffarMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Jake KendrickUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Jalynn SkeirCape Breton University (AUS)
Jana SpindlerUniversity of Saskatchewan (Can West)
Jane Boyle University of New Brunswick (AUS)
Jasha’jaun DowneyWilliston State College (NJCAA)
Jasmine ParentAcadia University (AUS)
Jason WilsonAcadia University (AUS)
Jaxon SmithSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Jayda VeinotSaint Mary University (AUS) / Acadia University (AUS)
Jaydan SmithSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Jayden NordinUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Jayla VerneyMount Royal University (Can West) / Holland College (ACAA)
Jazzy CainSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Jenny LewisUniversity of Victoria (Can West) / Saint Mary’s University (AUS)
Jeremy SkidmoreMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Jill EdwardsMount Allison University (ACAA)
Jill TaskerDalhousie University (AUS)
Joe FrenetteAcadia University (AUS)
John BustinSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Johneil JohnsonUniversity of Regina (Can West) / Saint Mary’s University (AUS)
Jonah CrowtherSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Jordan ReidMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Josh CrockerUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Julie GalipeauSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Justine ColleySaint Mary’s University (AUS) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Kaisen MacKinnonAcadia University (AUS)
Kara HayesMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Katherine BrienMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Katherine KhorovetsMount Saint Vinent University (ACAA)
Katherine QuackenbushMemorial University (AUS)
Kathleen McIvorAcadia University (AUS)
Katie McGarrigleCape Breton University (AUS)
Katie RossAcadia University (AUS)
Katie UphamUniversity of Calgary (Can West)
Katy Van VulpenMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Kennedy FrittenburgHolland College (ACAA)
Keshaun SkierUniversity of New Brunswick Saint John (ACAA)
Keevan VeinotDalhousie University (AUS)
Keisha BrownAcadia University (AUS) / Dalhousie University (AUS)
Keith DonovanUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Kellen TynesMontana State University (NCAA D1)
Kelly HimmelmanMemorial University (AUS)
Kelsey HarpmanDalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (ACAA)
Kelsey RiceAcadia University (AUS)
Kendra MacKinnonSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Kendra SmithSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Kevin VeinotAcadia University (AUS)
Korenda ColleyDalhousie University (AUS) / Saint Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Kristy MooreAcadia University (AUS) / Dalhousie University (AUS)
Kyle MacKinnonAcadia University (AUS)
Laura HimmelmanMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Laura LangilleSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Laura MacKinnonQueen’s University (OUA)
Lauren JodreyAcadia University (AUS)
Lauren FordUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Lauren MacEachernMount Allison University (ACAA)
Lauren MillerAcadia University (AUS)
Leslie StewartMemorial University (AUS)
Levi Smith IIICape Breton University (AUS)
Lexi SparksSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Liam ShawCape Breton University (AUS)
Lindell WiggintonIowa State Cyclones (NCAA D1) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Lindsay HarrisAcadia University (AUS)
Lisa StylesLakehead University (OUA)
Lorenzo DowneyWestern Texas College (NJCAA)
Lorenzo ParkerUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Lorin TolliverSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Lucia MacKaySaint Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Luke ReynoldsSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Lydell HusbandsWilfrid Laurier University (OUA)
Lyon MacLeanSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
MacKenzee RyanCape Breton University (AUS)
Madison OrserUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Maia TimmonsUnversity of Ottawa (OUA)
Maria RodriguesNipissing University (OUA) / Mount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Mark McGarrigleCape Breton University (AUS)
Marley CurwinUniversity of New Brunswick (AUS)
Marquis ClaytonSaint Mary’s University (AUS) / Pro NBLC
Matt InghamAcadia University (AUS)
Matt McVeighDalhousie University (AUS)
McKinley BezansonUniversity of New Brunswick (AUS)
Meghan MacLeodAcadia University (AUS)
Mendeira Smith Holland College (ACAA)
Michael FraserDalhousie University (AUS)
Mike WilsonMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Miranda CrawleyAcadia University (AUS)
Mitchell MersereauCape Breton University (AUS)
Mitchell TemproAcadia University (AUS)
Nalini MaharajSt. Francis Xavier Unversity (AUS)
Nate DarlingUniversity of Alabama-Birmingham (NCAA D1) / University of Delaware (NCAA) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Nathan ThompsonUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Nevell ProvoLoyola University Maryland (NCAA D1) / Saint Mary’s University (AUS) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Nick De PalmaAcadia University (AUS)
Nikki WorksCape Breton University (AUS)
Olivia MollerAcadia University (AUS)
Patrick LiebmannMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Patti HutchesonDalhousie University (AUS)
Patty MackinnonDalhousie University (AUS)
Peter LeppardUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Rachelle CowardCharleston Southern University (NCAA D1) / Saint Mary’s University (AUS) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Raheem JohnsonCape Breton University (AUS)
Redford IngramMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Reese ZorogoleUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Rhonda Kennedy Wilfrid Laurier University (OUA)
Riley ForanDalhousie University (AUS)
Riley SoodDalhousie University (AUS)
Robyn FleckensteinAcadia University (AUS)
Rowan PowerConcordia University (RSEQ) / Acadia University (AUS)
Ryan MacPheeMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Ryan MunroAcadia University (AUS)
Samuel WadeDalhousie University (AUS)
Sarah HebbSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Savannah ProvoUniversity of Ottawa (OUA)
Shannon ChapmanSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Shaquille SmithAcadia University (AUS)
Shawn SmithSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Shalyn FieldDalhousie University (AUS) / Acadia University (AUS)
Shylanda SaundersSheridan College (OCAA)
Sondra MedleyAcadia University (AUS)
Stef ChapmanAcadia University (AUS)
Sven StammbergerDalhousie University (AUS)
Tasia McKennaLakehead University (OUA)
Tariq ThomasMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Tessa StammbergerDalhousie University (AUS) / Hannover D1, Germany
Travis AdamsSaint Mary’s University (AUS) / Holland College (ACAA)
Trayvone ClaytonSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Trish McneilDalhousie University (AUS)
Tristan HydeSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Tristen RossSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS)
Tyauna GosbeeChamplain Lennoxville (CEGEP)
Tyleigha NelsonMount Royal University (Can West) / Holland College (ACAA)
Tyler MalloyMount Saint Vincent University (ACAA)
Tyler ScottUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Vernelle JohnsonUniversity of Prince Edward Island (AUS)
Wade SmithSt. Francis Xavier University (AUS) / CANADA BASKETBALL
Will ColpittsUniversity of King’s College (ACAA)
Will FianderSaint Mary’s University (AUS)
Will SpauldingCarleton University (OUA) / Saint Mary’s University (AUS)
Zara HuntleyUniversity of British Columbia (Can West)
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