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Basketball Nova Scotia is committed to bring the basketball community together. If you’re looking for local teams who would like to connect to play exhibition games or that you’d like to invite to your tournaments, here are some steps to take.

Three options for booking a game

*Note: To find a game, you can do one or all of the following*

  1. Contact the local Club President of the team you’d like to play. You can find a list of the registered BNS affiliate clubs AND the contact for the Club Presidents here.
  2. Contact the coaches below who have expressed interest in booking games for the 2022-23 season.
  3. Add a comment to the comments section at the bottom of the page with all the required details for local coaches who are interested, to reach out to you.

*To put your name on the contact list below, please our Operations Manager at bnsoperations@sportnovascotia.ca.*


Contact Name

Contact Email

Age Group


South Shore Lightning
Basketball Association
Mustapha Maynardsouthshorelightning@gmail.comU16 BoysBridgewater
Pictou County LightningColby Russellcolbyrussell678@gmail.comU14 Boys Div 3/4Pictou / Willing to travel
Pictou County LightningWilliam Findlayfindlaywj@ccrce.caU14 Girls Div3/4Pictou / Willing to travel
Pictou County LightningCara Campbellccampbell@swweeks.comU14 Boys  D5/6/7Pictou / Willing to travel
All NS BasketballJodi BrownNovaScotiansHelpingNS@gmail.com U16 and U14 girls Div 3/4Metro area
Queens County BearsAnn Doggettbadoggett@gmail.comU14 Girls Div 3/4Willing to travel
Yarmouth County Minor Basketball AssociationAdam Grahamadamgrahamphoto@gmail.comU14 BoysYarmouth / Willing to Travel
Amherst Minor BasketballCoach Cayne Amoscayne.amos9@gmail.comU18 BoysGames/tournament
Willing to travel
Prospect BullsDarrell Smithdsmith@steeleford.comU12 Girls
Div 4/5
Willing to travel

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