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  1. Prince Andrew High School in Search of Varsity Boys’ Basketball Head Coach
  2. Welcome Nick Sharpe, Executive Director
  3. Welcome Katherine Khorovets, Basketball Events Coordinator
  4. Welcome Colter Simmonds, Technical Director
  5. Welcome Emma Duinker, Operations Manager

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Clubs and coaches

Basketball Nova Scotia is committed to bring the basketball community together. If you’re looking for local teams who would like to connect to play exhibition games or that you’d like to invite to your tournaments, here are some steps to take.

  1. Contact the local Club President
  2. Contact the coaches below
  3. Add a comment to the comments section at the bottom of the page with all the required details for local coaches to reach out to you.

To put your name on the contact list below, please email our Operations Manager at


Amherst Spartans
Amherst Minor Basketball Association

Key Contact

Cayne Amos – Head Coach
Krista Smith – Team Manager

Age Group

U16 Boys
U14 Boys


Amherst/Northern Region
Amherst/Northern Region

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