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Whether you’re new to coaching or want to hone the skills you’ve already acquired, Basketball Nova Scotia provides advice, information, and educational programs to help you succeed. 

Coaches help their participants reach for – and achieve – higher levels of performance, both on and off the court and we want to help our coaches continue growing too!

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a nationwide program that offers multiple levels of training and certification for coaches at all levels and across all sports. (It’s not the only coach education available, so we’ll also highlight some other learning opportunities below.)

How to get started

Every coach should start their journey by creating two coach education tracking accounts:

  1. The Locker – This will track all of your NCCP and sport education programs across all sports as part of the Coaches Association of Canada. Click here to login or create a new account for FREE!
  2. GamePlan – This is Canada Basketball’s coach education tracking system. It is linked to The Locker, and all education completed in GamePlan will show up in your Locker account. Click here to learn more AND create a FREE account!

These accounts will give you an NCCP (National Coaching Certification) number. This number can be used to track all your NCCP coach education, as well as registered Canada Basketball Professional Development.


  1. Click on the option below that best suits what you’re looking for. Is it your first year coaching? Click on Community Coach (community coaches are also eligible to start learning on the NCCP coaching pathway).
  2. Refer to the NCCP Coaching Pathway and determine the appropriate stream for you based on the stage of athlete and level of competition you wish to coach.
  3. Check our Professional Development options to hone your skills and learn the latest coaching techniques to better yourself and your athletes.


Click on the image above to read more about what is required to be a Community basketball coach with a local Basketball Nova Scotia Affiliate Club.


The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) provides standardized, inclusive, and sport safety education to coaches and coach developers. Take your coaching journey to the next level by signing up for the NCCP course, appropriate for the athletes you’re coaching.


We have professional development opportunities constantly. Whether it’s through our coaching partners or in-house programs. Click here to learn more.

National Coaching Certification Program


NCCP Community Sport Stream

Athletes Ages:

M: 6-9

F: 6-8

Learn to Train

NCCP Introduction to Competition Stream

Athletes Ages:

M: 9-16

F: 8-15

Train to Train

NCCP Introduction to Competition Stream

*prerequisite – Learn to Train certified

Athletes Ages:

M: 16-23

F: 15-21

Train to Compete

NCCP Competition Development Stream

Athletes Ages:

M: 16-23

F: 15-21

Click on one of the above courses to learn more.

There are no courses scheduled in Nova Scotia at this time. Please contact or contact your Club President for more information.

Canada Basketball Coach Development Pathway
Click on the image to download the PDF
Host an NCCP Clinic

Looking to host an NCCP clinic at your club? Affiliate clubs of Basketball Nova Scotia can work with us to host a clinic at your club.


  • Minimum of 10 registered coaches
  • Dates requested have an available Learning Facilitator
  • Access to a classroom & gym space (amount of time is dependant on the clinic)
  • Access to athletes to join the session (timing dependant on the clinic)

How to make the request:

  • Email Basketball Nova Scotia’s Technical Director at to book your clinic.

Upon approval of the clinic:

  • A Learning Facilitator will be assigned by Basketball Nova Scotia to deliver the clinic.
  • Clinic date, location, and registration will be posted on the Basketball Nova Scotia website.
  • Coaches interested in attending the clinic will register and pay online through Game Plan.

Professional Development

Basketball Nova Scotia is a resource for professional development, and we want to share a number of opportunities with you that are available through our own unique programs, CoachNS and Canadian Canada Sport Center Atlantic (CSCA). Check out our Training and Certification Opportunities here to take full advantage of a ton of FREE courses, webinars and other resources!

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