2021 Spring League
High Performance League Registration

Our Nova Scotia
basketball league

High Performance U18 Girls & Boys

The application process for our U18 Girls & Boys High Performance League will require more information than our participation league. We will require your player & coach lists upon registration. The High Performance Committee will review all submissions and will be in touch will all club presidents applying to participate in our High Performance League.

  • List of Accepted Teams confirmed by: April 7, 2021 (all clubs will be contacted before teams are posted)
  • Team Registration Fee (No more than $1,500 per team but final cost TBD): due April 21, 2021 (for accepted teams)

*NOTE* All teams participating in our 2021 Spring League are required to be Basketball Nova Scotia Affiliates. Upon acceptance into the league, you will be required to become official affiliates. This process includes athlete, player & administrator information, coach background check information, as well as our Club Affiliation Fees to be paid. Fees are a Club Affiliation fee (dependant on the size of the club), as well as, $25 per athlete. This fee will be required on top of the final league participation fees.

Click here to read more about the Club Affiliation Application Process.

Team Registration Check List

  • You are a club president. Coaches/team managers are asked to please let the club president register all teams.
  • You have your team roster & coaches names ready.
  • If you are registering multiple teams, you will submit them individually. Use the same link for each team.

Key Timeline

List of accepted teams posted & confirmed: April 7, 2021
Final League Payment Due: April 21, 2021
Schedules Released: April 28, 2021

High Performance League Contact: Tasia McKenna

For updates on our Spring League:

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