2023 Provincial Championships – Hosting Locations

A tournament for teams

across the province!

2023 Provincial Tournaments Hosting Locations

U12 Girls Schedules
Div 1Cole Harbour High School – U15 Boys Provincial Team
Div 2Dartmouth High School – Dartmouth Lakers – Heppell
Div 3Prospect Rd Community Ctr – U15 Girls Provincial Team
Div 4Basinview Elementary – Bedford Eagles – Rice
Div 5Northumberland Regional High School – Pictou County Raptors
Div 6Lockview High School – U17 Girls Provincial Team
U12 Boys Schedules
Div 1Community Y – Halifax – Community Y Panthers
Div 2Acadia University & Horton High School – AXE Basketball
Div 3Cobequid Education Centre – Colchester Basketball Association
Div 4North Preston Community Ctr – U16 Boys Provincial Team
Div 5Auburn High School – Cole Harbour Rockets – Howard
Div 6Kingswood Elementary – U17 Boys Provincial Team
Div 7TBA (Halifax) – Bedford Eagles – O’Brien
Div 8JL Illsley High School – U16 Girls Provincial Team
Div 9Sackville High School – Sackville Storm – Branscombe
Div 10Dartmouth South Academy – Cole Harbour Rockets – Symonds

U14 Hosting Locations

Division 1Community Y (HRM)West End Steelers (HRM) – Jackson
Division 2East Preston Pacers (HRM)(HRM) PROVINCIAL TEAM
Division 3Cole Harbour Rockets (HRM) Antigonish Minor
Division 4Cobequid Education Centre – Colchester Basketball Association / TBA (HRM)
** The group that applied for Div 4 is very large and maybe split in two based on seedings
Division 5Bedford Eagles Minor (HRM)(HRM) PROVINCIAL TEAM
Division 8TBA (HRM)
U16 BoysGirls U16-18
Division 1East Preston PacersDivision 1HRM Provncial Team
Division 2South Shore LightningDivision 2Valley
Division 3HRM Provncial TeamDivision 3HRM
Division 4HRM Provncial Team
Division 5HRM (Fall River)
Division 6HRM Provncial Team
Division 7HRM Provncial Team
Division 8HRM Provncial Team
U18 Boys
Division 1TBA
Division 2TBA
*** Please note locations can change based on seedings – If a team who is hosting gets moved this can affect locations


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