2023 Provincial Championships – Seeding Guidelines

A tournament for teams

across the province!

Seeding guidelines

1. Each division will consist of a maximum of eight (8) teams. · You may not be seeded in the division that you register to ensure we seed all registered teams.

2. Each coach or manager must submit their seeding information and their accompanying game sheets.

3. A game sheet is used to verify a team’s roster, which is an important part of the process. The full roster has to be used in the seeding games as some teams have at least one or more ‘impact’ players which can reflect a divisional change without them being in attendance and can cause a team to be misplaced in the seeding process.

4. For all teams participating in seeding games, we suggest the games be played against a team of the same or close to same division If you need help deciding if your proposed matchup is an appropriate one, please email BNS Technical Director at basketballtd@sportnovascotia.ca to confirm. We strongly encourage all teams needing to be seeded, to play as many seeding games as possible – preferably more than the minimum two (2) games in order to maintain the integrity of the game.

5. Score sheets from all seeding games MUST BE UPLOADED when completing the seeding form. These sheets must have player’s names and numbers fully written on them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Teams that do not submit any seeding information will automatically be placed in Division 1 of their age bracket. Unfortunately, rankings are not possible without appropriate data and there is no higher placement than Division 1.


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View our modified rules here for each age group. The rules are in alignment with the Long-Term Athlete Development plan.