2023 Provincial Championships Seeding – Overview

A tournament for teams

across the province!

Seeding is the process of placing registered teams from BNS membership into divisional brackets. This process is one of the most important aspects of our Provincial Championship helping to ensure that teams are place in the appropriate divisions.

Our seeding objectives are to give every team a chance to compete in a minimum of 50% of their games. There will be top teams and bottom teams in each division. Some teams may win all their games and some teams may lose all their games, but all should have a chance to compete in at least half of their games.

No participating team shall be permitted to play at an age level higher or lower than they played all year (i.e. U10 to U12). All teams will remain in the same age group in which they played throughout the course of the minor basketball season.

U12 PLAYERS MUST BE UNDER 12 on December 31, 2022
U14 PLAYERS MUST BE UNDER 14 on December 31, 2022
U16 PLAYERS MUST BE UNDER 16 on December 31, 2022
U18 PLAYERS MUST BE UNDER 18 on December 31, 2022


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View our modified rules here for each age group. The rules are in alignment with the Long-Term Athlete Development plan.