2023 Provincial Championships Seeding – Resources

A tournament for teams

across the province!


The Metro Basketball League hosts a large number of teams that participate in the BNS Provincial Championships. Their teams are seeded in divisions, similar to the BNS Provincial Championships. In order to search for a seeding game against a team that plays in the MBA league, a listing of divisions and team information for the MBA can be found by following the steps below:

  • Visit MBA Website
  • Click on the age group of interest (ie: under 14)
  • Click on the gender of interest (ie: U14 girls)
  • Click on “standings”
  • Under “game type” click “all game types”
  • Click ‘Staff” above for team contacts

If you have any upcoming tournaments or are looking for e games – please email us at bnsoperations@sportnovascotia.ca and we will be able to provide contacts and some assistance.

Blank Game sheet

Example Game Bracket Breakdowns

PLEASE NOTE: Seeding is a very detailed and complex process given that not all teams participating have had the opportunity to gather appropriate seeding data. As noted previously, BNS works with a Seeding Committee to ensure all aspects of the seeding process is considered, however in some cases seeding data is limited, therefore discretion on placement is used. If you have questions regarding seeding or would like to provide additional detail, please contact BNS Operations at bnsoperations@sportnovascotia.ca


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View our modified rules here for each age group. The rules are in alignment with the Long-Term Athlete Development plan.