2023 Provincial Championships – Who is Seeded

A tournament for teams

across the province!

Who needs to be seeded (or re-seeded)?

1. All teams participating in Provincial Championships.

2. Teams that played in the Metro Basketball League (MBA) are only required to submit seeding game sheets IF they are playing with a roster that is different than the ones they played with all season or if they are playing a team not currently playing in the Metro league.

3. All teams outside the MBA are asked to submit a minimum of two (2) seeding game sheets. These game sheets must include their team rosters along with their opponents and also all players on that roster must take part of the seeding game. We ask that at least one of those two games be against a team from the Metro Basketball League, whenever possible.

The more information the Seeding Committee has on each team, the more informed they are to create strong, competitive brackets. This information helps to create a clearer picture to cross-reference teams and find the correct divisional fits.

NOTE: The understanding if that teams are responsible to be part of the seeding process and the more data they provide, the clearer and more accurate their placement is. Any team that does not provide seeding information but is required to is expected to play in division 1 in their age bracket.


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