2023 Provincial Championships

A tournament for teams

across the province!

2023 Provincial Tournaments

This season, as Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS) is coming out of the pandemic and with the addition of new staff members, we are looking at a new, improved approach to seeding and to Provincials in general. We have begun an analysis of the Provincial Championship and what is required for an effective and efficient seeding processes. Please note, we will be making some smaller improvements now and more significant ones next season, all to create a more streamlined process for our membership.

We will be offering teams the opportunity to withdraw from the Provincial Championships (with a minimum administrative fee) for one week after divisional locations are announced. ** NOTE: If there is no host identified for your proposed division, and one has to be located, we will unfortunately, not be able to provide refunds after the refund deadline.

In order for teams to participate in a great Provincial tournament, we require a collective and collaborative approach to ensure we have the necessary games and seeding data to create competitive brackets that are aligned to each team participating.

Registration this season for all age brackets is $460.00



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View our modified rules here for each age group. The rules are in alignment with the Long-Term Athlete Development plan.