Eastlink Classic

A showcase tournament
for Eastern Canada

Basketball Nova Scotia’s Annual Eastlink Classic Tournament is a place for teams from U14 and above to showcase their talent during the summer months. With both male and female divisions, the Eastlink Classic has a strong history of showcasing the best young basketball talent across Eastern Canada. Our tournament is open registration with priority given to other Provincial Teams and competitive Basketball Nova Scotia affiliate club teams.


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Rules of Play

Shot Clock
(Officials responsibility)
24 seconds24 seconds24 seconds 
Back Court Clock8 seconds8 seconds8 seconds 
Quarters (4)10 mins10 mins10 mins 
Half time5 mins5 mins5 mins 
Time outs2 first half, 3 second half2 first half, 3 second half2 first half, 3 second half 
Overtime5 minutes5 minutes5 minutes 
Double teamingPermittedPermittedPermitted 
Man-to-man Defense
(half or full court)
Zone Defense
(half or full court)
Not permittedNot PermittedPermittedFirst violation: Warning  
Second violation: Noted on score sheet  
Third and subsequent violations:
2 shots + possession
Mercy RuleIf a team is ahead by 25+ points,
the leading team is no longer
permitted to employ full court
pressure defense of any kind.
N/AN/AFirst violation: Warning to coach  
Second and subsequent violations:
1 shot + possession at point of interruption  
Ball Size (Spalding)Female: 28.5 (size 6)
Male: 29.5 (size 7)
Female: 28.5 (size 6)
Male: 29.5 (size 7)
Female: 28.5 (size 6)
Male: 29.5 (size 7)
Warm-up LengthWhatever time is remaining before tip-off.Whatever time is remaining before tip-off.Whatever time is remaining before tip-off. 


  • D.1 Procedure 

Teams shall be classified according to their win-loss records, namely two (2) points for each game won, one (1) point for each game lost (including lost by default) and zero (0) points for a game lost by forfeit.  

  • D.1.1 If there are two teams in the classification with equal points, the result(s) of the game(s) between the two teams involved will be used to determine the placings. 
  • D.1.2 If the points and the goal average in the games between the two teams are still the same, the classification will be determined by the goal average of all the games played in the group by each team. 
  • D.1.3 If more than two teams are equal in the placing, a second classification will be established, taking into account only the results of the games between the teams that are tied. See below.
  • D.1.4 If there are still teams tied after the second classification, then goal average will be used to determine the placing, taking into account only the results of the games between the teams still tied. 
  • D.1.5 If there are still teams tied, the placing will be determined using the goal average from the results of all their games played in the group. 
  • D.1.6 If, at any stage, using the above criteria, a multiple team tie is reduced to a tie involving only two teams, the procedure in D.1.1 and D.1.2 above will be applied. 
  • D.3.3 More than two teams – equal points: 

Team   Wins   Losses   Points 

A            1           1          3

B            1           1          3 

C            1           1          3

Results between A, B, C:

A vs. B82 (A) – 76 (B)
A vs. C77 (A) – 80 (C)
B vs. C88 (B) – 77 (C)
TeamPoints for and againstGoal DifferencePlacement


  • Player of the game (1 give to each team)
  • Tournament All-Star (1 per team)
  • MVP (1 per division)
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team(s)


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