Scotia 3×3 League

From Yarmouth to

Cape Breton

The Scotia 3X3 League is a ‘game-changing’ concept to help address current Provincial challenges in Sport such as facility access, rural isolation, and demanding family schedules. The model is designed to be interactive, flexible, and engaging, and provides opportunities at the recreational and competitive skill levels for all ages. This league has both structure and flexibility, and offers an opportunity for teams to compete to be Provincial Champions.

League Mission

To minimize barriers and mobilize competition across the province in the electrifying style of 3X3 basketball.

How does this work?

Teams will register using our specialized online system. Once registered, Team Managers & Coaches will receive a username and password to log in to the online booking system where they can ‘place a challenge’ at their preferred date, time and location, at least 72 hours from tip off. Other registered teams in their division/age group will receive a notification of the open challenge and will be able to login to accept the challenge (first team to accept gets dibs on the game!). Once a challenge has been accepted, an Official will be assigned to the game at least 24 hours in advance of tip off. When an Official is assigned, both teams are notified and it’s GAME ON!

Both teams and the Official show up at the court at the specified time to play their game. These games are played on courts that are not booked, so if the court is in use, Team Managers/Coaches will wait a few minutes and kindly ask to borrow 1 half court for the 21 minutes it takes to complete the game, using their best Nova Scotian manners (we’ve been training for this our whole lives!). Immediately after the game, the Team Manager/Coach of the Challenging Team must upload the game results in the platform along with a photo of the referee-signed game sheet, which will be verified by BNS before standings are updated.

2022 Championship Teams

U12 boys – The Guardians

League Features

Independent scheduling

Teams can schedule their games based on their own availability. Accept a challenge or create your own!

Outdoor courts

Don’t worry about facility availability – Choose a BNS approved outdoor court and meet for the showdown.

Tour Nova Scotia

Any team can accept a challenge from another team in their division – Prepare for a road trip and compete against any other team across the province.

Team Package Designed for Value

All teams will receive a robust package that include a team speaker, basketball, score sheets, team swag and more!

Participant Requirements

Athletes in the U12 division cannot turn 12 before January 1st, 2022Athletes in the U14 division cannot turn 14 before January 1st, 2022Athletes in the U16 division cannot turn 16 before January 1st, 2022Athletes in the U18 division cannot turn 18 before January 1st, 2022Athletes in the Open division must be 18 before January 1st, 2022


All across the province on BNS vetted OUTDOOR courts.


$325-$400 (depending on competition level and Membership status).


Games will be refereed and records will be posted to the official 3X3 website. The league will follow the official FIBA 3×3 rules, with some minor modifications. Check out our comprehensive 3×3 page (when it launches) for more details.

Canada 🇨🇦 will take on Düsseldorf ZOOS 🇩🇪 in the semi-finals tonight of the @FIBA3x3 Women’s Series in Montreal!

Tip-off: 8:35pm ET / 5:35pm PT


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